Our Bail Bonds Are Your Ticket to Getting Out of Jail Fast in Orlando.

It’s 11:00 P.M. and suddenly you are being pulled over while driving home from work.  It turns out that you have some unpaid parking tickets that you forgot about and the judge wants to see you.  The court hearing is in several days and you can’t get out of jail unless you can post bail.   What do you do?  You, or a loved one, call Alliance Bail Bonds and soon you are out of jail in Orlando and on your way home.

With bail bonds available 24/7 and a no-hassle application process, we’re your ticket to getting out of jail fast anywhere in the Orlando and Orange County area.  Once our agents receive a call from you, a friend or family member, the application process takes only a few minutes. The cost of posting bail bonds in Orlando are established by the State of Florida, but are a percentage of the total bail amount set by the court. In most cases, we can bond clients out of jail with no collateral required; we also accept major credit cards. This makes our bonds a fast, efficient and less costly way of getting out of jail.

It is important to keep in mind that bail bonds are a financial guarantee that you will appear in court to answer the charges against you. While you are only required to pay a small fraction of the face value of the bond to get released, the entire value of the bond may be forfeited if you fail to appear in court and you may have to remain in jail until your trial or are otherwise released by the court.  So be sure you understand the bail bond process, comply with any conditions of your release and show up for your court appearances on time.

To get out of jail fast anywhere in Orlando and Orange County 24/7, contact us at 386-257-5116 for a bail bond.