How Bail Bonds Get You Out of Jail in Deltona, FL

When you are arrested and charged with a crime in Deltona or anywhere in Volusia County, FL, it may take a few weeks or several months before your trial begins. So you will want to get out of jail as soon as the court sets the bail and any other conditions of release.  Bail is normally posted in cash or property whose value is equal to or more than the prescribed cash bail set by the court. Although the offense or offenses a defendant is being charged with will determine the amount of bail the judge will set, the defendant may not have ready access to the cash required to cover the bail. However, a quick telephone call to a 24 hour bail bondsman who serves the Deltona and Volusia County, FL area like Alliance Bail Bonds can provide the court with a bail bond that will get the defendant out of jail quickly.

Affordability is what makes bail bonds an attractive choice for those who want to get out of jail. That’s because, the required amount to purchase the bond is just 10 percent of the amount of bail required, in most cases. For example, if bail is set at $2,500, the defendant only needs to come up with $250 to post the bond. And like many bail bondsman today, we even accept credit cards to secure the bond, often with no collateral required.

However, it’s important to understand the strict requirements that are attached to a bail bond. In exchange for posting bail, the defendant is promising to appear for all scheduled court dates and to follow any other conditions of release set by the court. The bail bondsman may have other requirements that are outlined in the contract. Also, the person signing the bond is making a binding promise that he or she will pay the full face value of the bond, plus other costs incurred, if the defendant doesn’t appear in court for all scheduled appearances. The bail bondsman can revoke the bail bond sending the defendant back to jail at any time.

With access to a 24 hour bail bondsman, such as Alliance Bail Bonds, we can help you get of jail fast so you can get back to work and start preparing for your case. If you live in Deltona, FL and want to speak with a 24 hour bail bondsman, contact us at 386-257-5116 or visit us online to learn more about the bail bond process.